Welcome to Birth 4 Life

Birth 4 Life specialise in promoting attachment through safe and positive experiences via groups, talks, conferences, lectures, workshops, counselling and family therapy.

Birth 4 Life has a holistic approach to birth and family life, encouraging education and reducing unnecessary risk for birthing women, their babies and their families.

Birth 4 Life’s special interest is in birth education, looking closely at maternal/infant attachment in relation to birthing experiences. Where Birth 4 Life courses have been delivered locally there has been a significant decrease in intervention for those attending antenatal workshops, family members are encouraged to attend!

Research shows that high quality support and education during pregnancy and birth can reduce the risks of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Postnatal Depression and make birth both emotionally and physically safer for women and babies.

Good knowledge and support has also been shown to reduce the need for pain-relief during labour and to reduce the need for caesarean section. Raising awareness of women and family rights in the birthing environment are key factors in this process.  Birth 4 Life works closely with pregnant teenagers in the local area with some very encouraging results, increasing breastfeeding initiation, normal birth and reducing family dysfunction.

We offer bespoke individual or group support, workshops, counselling, supervision, sign-posting to other professional services.

We also offer training on topics such as:
Birth Preparation, attachment, breastfeeding, trauma, family dysfunction, breaking cycles of abuse, young parents, substance misuse, empowerment of self for adults and children alike. Some of our best results have been with those who do workshops and individual therapy alongside birth preparation.